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Hello! I'm Zackry Langford.

I'm a software development enthusiast. My journey through tech has meandered through the realms of serverless architectures, immersive mobile applications, web development, and now, the exciting frontier of mixed reality gaming on platforms like Meta Quest 3.

I've worked with WordPress, Python, JavaScript, iOS game development, and more, always aiming to blend technical skill with user-centric design. Whether it's crafting engaging digital experiences or pioneering in new tech landscapes, I'm on a quest to solve real-world challenges through code.

I'm an AWS Certified Solutions Architect as well and love playing and developing in the cloud.

Keen on collaboration or simply want to geek out over tech? Let's connect.

Dive into my eclectic portfolio to explore a variety projects that span various facets of software development.

Join me on my journey and gain insights into my adventures in tech by visiting my blog.